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Quercus Parquet is a second-generation family owned & operated lumber mill; dedicated to the production of European hardwood. During its inception phase our sawmill acted as a manufacturer of high-quality oak parquet flooring. However, soon enough, with adequate management, enabling market conditions and a well-trained labor force, the company was able to diversify by offering a wider range of services and products, such as kiln-drying, log trading, custom-size wood strips and hardwood planks (both waney and square edge).

Development of such a sustainable business model has given us the ability to maintain a competitive position within the timber industry and the necessary longevity to form reliable and long-lasting partnerships. We are a stakeholder/supplier to a number of businesses, including Tarkett, Spin Valis, Garbelotto, Corà Timber Industries, to name a few. Indeed, our main strength lies in the fact that we can provide top-tier grade hardwood made from a subspecies of Pedunculate oak (Lat. Quercus robur) native only to our region. Most commonly referred to as “Slavonian Oak”, its technical properties are highly sought-after in the woodworking market and as such there is great commercial potential for this particular type of timber.