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Kilnd drying is a necessary process in the timber industry. Kiln drying has a number of advantages when compared to air drying. For example:

- the moisture level required is reached in a quicker period of time.
- lower moisture levels can be reached!
- there is lower risk of insect & fungal attacks.
- dried merchandise has an added value, and kiln drying as a process leads to better cash flow.

Kiln drying can take up from 25-90 days, depending on the type and thickness of the board. Our kilns are firm-built and their advantage over pre-fabricated kilns is that they have long lifespan & can answer the most difficult assignments when it comes to the kiln drying lumber. We posses a combined capacity of 360m3 per KD cycle. Furthermore, in 2020 we have chosen to modernize our kilns with NIGOS-es automated KD process software.