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Our factory contains all the necessary office space to conduct finance and bureaucracy efficiently and in a representable manner while handling in a professional and timely manner the information flow.

We have all the logistic support necessary to handle material on a daily basis from forests up to a radius of 45km to 200 kilometres around the vicinity of our production facility, while the exact same raw material is, therefore, processed on the same day or next so the timber does not get damaged by various important factors such as harmful weather conditions.

As being in the secondary sector of the Industry our main responsibility is production. This involves the responsive and on a professional level production process. Such a thing is achieved with the latest technology: sawmills, saw cutters, production lines, packaging machines, production techniques, forklifts, a boiler room, kilns, silos…

For such a production, on a mass scale, to work on a daily basis without any major interruptions in the continuity of production, we also have the necessary inventory, stock and a developed transportation system for the raw material and labour force, also we work with the best domestic transportation companies to deliver the products to their final destination.

Before the product ‘’sets off’’ to its destination, it can be stocked and stored in our objects, as we have semi closed and fully closed warehouses with an abundance area of storage space contained in the production facility, which is around 3000 m 2 in total.
Thus to some extent even if we are characterised as Just-in-Time production we have the ability to store major Just-in-Case stock and achieve economies of scale for both types of production. Last but not the least the factory contains: CCTV cameras, guard dogs, LED night lights, three meter walls encircling the whole area as well as multiple in and out gates which make for a: convenient, flexible and secure environment.