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As we operate in the both foreign and domestic market it is only natural for us to have an auxiliary in the Serbian market for just one part of our many products, which is parquet.
Therefore, we can do work on a business-to- consumer level. In the process keeping a close and friendly relationship with our customers with face-to- face consultations and advice on what is the best product for their needs.

In our store, located in the robust and easy to access, market area of Belgrade, it is always possible to see the finest Oak and Ash parquet products that can be easily installed in your future: home, building complex, getaway house or any other private or public infrastructural object, as parquet should be viewed as a long-term investment for current and future generations, who can enjoy the beauty of parquet in the years to come.

The best way to decide if and what kind of parquet suits you is to come and see it for yourself as there are two types, Oak and Ash, and various different dimensions. As we are both the producers and sellers we can also give the best possible Price: Quality ratio that can be found on the domestic market.

If the final purchase is made and is over 30 m 2 , we can, without any additional charges transport your parquet, if the vicinity of your location is relatively near to our production facility or shop. Also we can recommend the best carpenters to do the end job so your investment is safe and sound.